Thursday, March 31, 2011

That Proxies Post Thing That I Promised


Yeah, okay, I was going to post this thing about proxies and then I got busy and stressed and that stuff and now I’m resorting to sugar and caffeine to make me happy so yeah!  I’m only half coherent!  Yeah!

But right.  Proxies.  The ones in Chicago were a bit different.  They seemed more like your “traditional” proxies.  You know, the ones that are like “we loves the Master and has no sense of self!”  They act like Agents (those dudes who follow the Slender Man of their own free will because they were batshit fucking insane in the first place), only they’ve clearly been forced to do that.  The ones I’ve dealt with, for the most part, have been different.  They’re more random normal people that he randomly…I dunno, possesses, almost?  He uses them like puppets, causing them to become aggressive and feral for a bit of time.

So what’s the difference?  Well, I think it might have to do something with population.  I’m in a relatively small community with a low crime rate.  If someone loses their Marble Hornets and starts killing people, people are gonna start to notice.  So he uses random people for a brief period of time to go unnoticed.  In a big city, however, what’s one more individual?  Especially the homeless.  No one will miss those guys.  I mean, who’s the last homeless guy you know who went missing and you cared about his welfare?  That’s what I thought.  And that’s why so many proxies kind of look like bums.  Because they are.

So in a smaller area, he’ll probably use less conspicuous puppet-like proxies and in a bigger city, he’ll use the hallowed or whatever they’re called.  More or less, the higher the crime rate and the general anonymity climb, the more fully devoid of self the proxies are.  Something like that.

And that was less complicated and postworthy than I thought.  Well, either way, later.  I’ve got a Mountain Dew that’s calling my name.  Maybe if I’m too jittery to be depressed, that tapping on my window will stop.


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