Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank God for Midterms


Well, I’ve got my midterms coming up.  Which is the best possible thing at the moment.  I really need something to keep my mind off of things, especially with Hyde now.  Hyde may be Slendy’s newest fanboy, but he has to be thinking of him in order to keep him around constantly.  And since I’ve got midterms on my mind, Hyde is being shoved further back into my subconscious.  As is Jekyll.

This isn’t really either of them that you’re talking to.  This is me.  The nameless, faceless anonymous, guy who sometimes pretends he’s a famous literary figure.  The college student who became a bit too big of a fan of the Slender Man Mythos.  The guy who’s more worried about his grades than about a dapper guy who stalks and eviscerates people that doesn’t really exist.  Except that he does.  But I make sure that it’s just Jekyll and Hyde that he exists to.  Not to me.

So I haven’t had time to catch up on blogs, have been trying to distance myself from the blogs anyway, and am keeping preoccupied with other things.  Like coursework.

I know that this won’t be permanent.  It’s not possible to escape it completely.  Robert escaped, and he got pulled back in.  But I’m currently at the point that I can write on this and not get worried.  It’s not real to me at the moment.  It just feel like this is all some story.  And it’s all because I become the Jekyll persona around him.

And now, thanks to that, I’m not to worried for now.  Like I said, I can’t escape completely.  I’ll be back.  But for just a bit…it’s goodbye.

Good luck, everyone.  Hopefully, I’ll be fine.

Well, time to sign off.

But not as Jekyll.  Not as Hyde. 

Just me.


  1. Well...that seems like a good solution.

  2. Huzzah for taking a third option! /Astrid