Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Girl saw him.  I knew this was coming.  It was inevitable.  She expected it.  I expected it.  Still, not good at all.

We’ve got one class together.  We’ve been spending more time together lately (thank God she doesn’t seem to hate me anymore), so we were walking together and talking with each other on the way back to our dorms.  And then she started shivering.  Like, her teeth were chattering.  It wasn’t really all that cold, but she didn’t have a jacket, either.  Gentleman that I am, I was about to offer her mine, when she doubled over, breathing heavily.

I dropped to her side as she collapsed to her hands and knees and started vomiting on the ground.  She retched three times, I think, and then she turned and looked at me.

Him,” she gasped out before her arms started shaking and she collapsed to the ground and started convulsing.  People had started crowding around at this point, and a few people helped me restrain her.  As I held her down, I looked off into the distance to see the Slender Man.  Just standing there.  He extended a hand, palm up, and I watched as…as the entire arm just sort of…blurred.  It blurred, as if my vision was going out, but only around the area of that one arm.  When I looked again, there were two arms instead of one.  Or maybe three.  I couldn’t tell.  Maybe there were some tentacles too.  It just…it didn’t look right.

I glanced back down at Girl, who was starting to calm down.  She looked at me, this absolutely helpless look in her eyes.  She grabbed onto my arm with her hand, and I could feel her arm quivering.  She was scared.  She was so fucking terrified.  I could see it.  I could feel it.  Fuck.  When it was just me, I could deal with the fear.  I could push through it.  But someone else’s fear?  I have to feel that.  My own fear I can handle.  Someone else’s?  Not so much.

She just stared at me, tears in her eyes, just mouthing “Him,” over and over.  And then her nose began to bleed.  It started small.  Just a small bit of blood, welling up into a bubble in her nostril.  And then the tension broke, and it started flowing down all over her face.

My vision started to go blurry.  It was my whole vision that time.  The next thing I remember, Someone had an arm around me, supporting me as I leaned on them for strength.  As if I didn’t have enough blacking out when the Slender Man is around.  I’ve gotta deal with normal fainting, too.

Shit.  This is bad for so many different reasons.  They got Girl to the hospital.  She’s there now.  It sounds like she’s recovering quickly, but she nearly died by choking on her own vomit.  She’s actually pretty lucky to be alive right now.  Just…please pray for her recovery.


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