Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Night in the City


You’re right, M.  It really never is dark enough.  Especially compared to what I’m used to.  I come from a small town (yeah, that really narrows down where I’m from, doesn’t it?), so it’s a huge culture shock to go from a place where it’s so dark out every night that you can see the breathtaking stars so clearly to a place where you can literally sit down anywhere on the streets at midnight and have enough light to read a book.

At least it’s not too cold, though.  And I’m around good friends.  It’s been a pretty good trip.  Large crowds, so it’s pretty Slender-free.  And if M’s advice to “get up high” really works (which I doubt it does), then it’d be pretty simple between those two things to at least keep him off your back.

Still, I don’t know how M’s survived there for almost three months.

Yeah.  M’s still apparently here.  Which makes for an amazing opportunity.  I might be able to actually meet him.  Maybe.  Chicago’s still a big city, and neither of us really knows what the other looks like, and I’m assuming neither of us is prepared to leak contact or meeting info on the internet just so we can get in touch with each other.  Guess that’s what happens when you have two overly-cautious people trying to meet up.  Not that M’s agreed to meeting yet, of course.  And I’m fully prepared to accept that he might not agree to meet with me.  After all, he really has no reason to, and my reason is that I get a chance to meet an idol of mine.  Not exactly life-pressing circumstances, huh?

Anyway, It’s like my Mecca here or something.  Everything about Chicago has a sort of reverence to it.  I got to go to the top of the Sears Tower (I guess it’s apparently the Willis Tower now?) today, and I just kept thinking “well, I’ve gotten up high now.”  I got dragged to a Starbucks and had myself a private chuckle when I considered getting a cup of “good fucking coffee.”  And I can see how it’d be able to survive here for a while.  As long as you surround yourself with people, you’re gonna be safe, and in a city, you can probably get up high pretty easily.  It’s not

But…yeah.  I’m hoping it’ll work out to meet with him.  I dunno, if you agree, M, let’s see if we can set up a meeting place.

But anyway, I’ve…learned something recently.  Something worth thinking about.  I’ll update about that when I have the time.

M, if you’re up for a meeting…let’s try to find something out.  I’m here for another day or two.  I hope it works out.  And if not…well, it’s probably for the best.



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  2. You know what. I hope Hyde takes over when you find M. And kills him. Would that not be just the funniest way for him to perish?