Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Okay, erm…I’ve got a big problem on my hands now.  I don’t have much time to talk, but I’ll see if I can get the info up at some time in the near future.

A bit of good news/bad news, though.  The problem isn’t due to meeting M.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that I’m almost definitely not going to be meeting M.  We leave early tomorrow, and I don’t think he’s even checked back on my site to see that I want to meet up.  Guess it wasn’t meant to be.  But hey, who knows?  Maybe he’s even lying about still being in Chicago.  That wouldn’t be too surprising coming from M, would it?  Anything to throw them off.

But yeah, shit’s gone down here in Chicago.  Something that’s impacted me pretty heavily.  I need some time to figure out what’s going on.  And to, um…to talk to a person who’s in some pretty deep shit at the moment.

I dunno.  I’ve got a lot of information from Chicago now that I need to think over, and I’m still on that trip.  It may be a bit before anything gets up.


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