Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Organizations and Meetups


Okay, this is something I’ve gotta say.  Many of you aren’t going to agree with me, and I’m going to be in rant mode for a bit.  I don’t care.  I’m not here to make friends.  I’m here to survive.  And my survival plan does not involve meeting up with other people.

There has, lately, been an increase in associations/resistances/alliances/initiatives/etc.  It’s like Robert’s Core Theory, only not quite.  You’ve got the Keepers Alliance.  The Isabel Initiative.  NAPPA.  And probably a few more.  People are meeting up in areas like Boston and going on the offensive.  Personally, I believe that anyone involved in this is a bit of an idiot.

This is largely based on the assumption that pretty much everyone is a bit crazy.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I don’t like you guys.  I like some of you, and I respect most of you.  It’s just that I don’t trust any of you.  And like I said before, I don’t really think you should trust me all that much, either.  Ironic, considering how I’m essentially proclaiming myself as M’s successor.

Listen, before I continue, it’s your choice whether or not you want to work with others.  I’ll explain why you maybe (i.e., probably) shouldn’t, but this is largely my own choice.  I understand that there are strength in numbers, and it can be easier to stay sane around other people going through the same thing.  I remain alone by choice.  It’s the right choice, but you don’t have to make that choice if you don’t want to.

So, without targeting anything in specific, why shouldn’t you trust these groups?  Because, first and foremost, you have no clue who’s on the other side of the screen.  They’ve maybe been broken, and are now completely crazy.  Insanity shows up in many forms, and while some are pretty easy to see over the internet, others are less so.  Hell, take Damien. Did we think Damien was crazy?  Okay, well, we did, but we didn’t think he was nearly as crazy as he ended up being.  We thought he was going insane, yes, but we didn’t realize that it’s quite possible that over half of his story was fabricated.

Another reason is that someone you trust may not be trustworthy at all.  But if they’re a proxy, you’d be able to tell, right?  Of course!  Because redlight hasn’t proven himself capable at all, has he?  Or themselves/they.  Since it’s evidently a title and not a name.  I don’t even know anymore.  But no, seriously, redlight has proved that they’re capable of thinking, and more importantly, capable of being quite clever.  Anyone in your organization could quite easily be a mole.  Maybe they’re feeding bad information to you.  Maybe they’re gathering private information from you.  Maybe they’re organizing a meetup that’s actually a trap.  All they have to do is earn your trust.

Those are the main two reasons.  There are a few other reasons not to put your faith in organizations, though.  For example, even if you’re not completely batshit insane, it’s possible that the Slender Man is toying with you.  He’s maybe not as dumb as he looks.  Take electromagnetism or whatever new-fangled thing you kids are fighting him with these days.  So he reacts negatively to it once or twice.  You think “hey, this is great!  We can fight him!”  And then you all gear up to use that as a weapon, and he shrugs it all off, trollfacing you as he reveals that he’s a damn good actor and isn’t immune to it at all!  Him being a good actor isn’t all that surprising, really.  I mean, he does have one hell of a poker face.  But congratulations!  You just fed everyone information that you didn’t know was bad, dooming anyone relying on you!

So, yeah…risky business relying on other people.  I don’t know, it could work out.  And if it does work out, that’s great.  But there’s just too much that can go wrong, and Murphy’s Law tends to go into full effect in these situations.

Well, I’m gonna head home for the weekend.  I might not write much then, because I’d like to keep my mind off of him to keep him away from my family.  I’ll try to keep you guys posted Monday, though.


  1. I agree with everything in this post.

    Really nothing to add except that I wish people would learn from history.


  2. Really, isn't "don't meet up with people, bad things will probably happen" the first thing they teach kids about the internet? And made even more important when you're in a life-or-death situation? Kind of (apperantly un-)common sense. So thank you.

    I think collaboration and experience-sharing is potentially useful, but only if everything a person says is taken with a grain of salt. It has its place.