Sunday, February 27, 2011

Erm, bad news, I guess


So it turns out that the string/twine/whatever thing doesn’t exactly work.  I walked around for a while, letting out some string, keeping it taut to make sure that it was still tied to the fountain.  I got to the end of my literal rope and still had no idea where I was.  So I decided to follow the line back to the fountain.

I managed to get back up a flight of stairs to find that the string was stuck in a wall.  Not caught or snagged on a wall or stuck to a wall.  Stuck in a wall.  Like whoever built it put the string in there when the concrete was still drying.  Yeah.  I’m starting to feel just a little boned.  I was convinced that this would work.  That Perseus or whoever guy (really guys, still no help?) had something going for him in his labyrinth, so I was sure it would work for me.  I guess it doesn’t work here.

Still trying to figure out if this is within my mind or not.  It almost feels like a dream.  But I’m getting a bit hungry/thirsty now.

It’s such a weird place.  Sometimes I’ll come down a staircase and open a door and there’ll be a staircase on the other side.  And sometimes I’ll enter a hallway and walk a bit and then turn around and find that it stretches endlessly behind me with no trace of the way I came.  And then I turn back around again and it’s also stretching on indefinitely in front of me, too.  That’s probably why the string didn’t work—because the labyrinth is constantly shifting.

I haven’t found an outlet in a while.  It’s been…I don’t know how long since my last post, but it feels like a while, so I thought I’d post again.  I’ve been checking the comments every now and then, and they don’t seem to make any sense.  Well, okay, I understand what they say, but it’s like you’re reading a different post than me.  There seems to be absolutely no context with what you’re writing.  You guys aren’t crazy, are you?

Well, anyway, I’ve had a lot of time to think, so I’ve been thinking about what exactly this labyrinth is.  Is it in my own head?  That’s a possibility, and it kind of makes sense.  I mean, this place is exactly like my dorms.  Except that it’s like it’s a video game with a bunch of different landscape elements that people just seemed to randomly copy and paste.  Like I said, I’ve only got three floors in this dorm.  There’s not all that much here.  But it seems like I’ll run into a room that’s set up like the 3rd floor lounge, only with the décor of the 1st floor lounge.  It’s like it’s my dorms, only it’s not quite.  That and the fact that there’s ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HERE.

My computer is so slow right now.  I’ve pretty much decided not to go anywhere other than my blog by this point, just because it takes a minute or two just for a comment to post.  Or it feels like a minute or two.  I don’t know, because I have no fucking concept of time anymore.  I don’t know how long I’ve been here.  It feels like forever.  But when I check the clock, it’s still stuck at the last time that I turned on my computer: 5:55.  It never changes.  No matter how often, it never changes.

I feel like I’m starting to go just a little bit crazy.

Gah!  No!  Stay strong, Jekyll!  You’re not batshit insane yet.

That’s the other thing, though.  I’ve got the Slender Man constantly on my mind.  But I haven’t seen him at all.  I haven’t even felt his presence, even though this is undoubtedly his doing.  It’s like he’s not here.  Maybe it’s because he’s outside of the labyrinth.  Maybe it exists in its own time and space, or on its own plane, which I’m not on.

Fuck, maybe he IS the labyrinth.  Maybe I’m somehow inside of him or he’s inside of me or our minds have merged or something or…you know, I don’t even know how to say what I’m thinking.  But fuck, man.  Fuck.  I just…fuck.

I dunno, I’ll give you an update again later.


  1. If I remember Greek mythology correctly, it is Theseus.

    Right now it is Sunday, February 27th, 2011, and you posted this at 3:15 PM. Which means that it is Day 3 (including Friday) of you being stuck in the Labyrinth.

    I don't know if I can help you; just hang in there, man, eventually there'll be a way out...

  2. Aye, 'twas Theseus. Lucky there's no Minotaur yet.

    But Jekyll - hasn't everyone who's been in a Labyrinth gotten out? Maybe I need to read up, but I'm pretty sure that it ends, and the more willpower you have, the stronger of mind, the shorter it takes. Or is it always three days?

    You're strong, Jekyll. You can do this. ~Frap