Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry, Robert

I doubted.  I thought you would break.  I thought you had already broken.  Well, you proved me wrong.  I guess I just didn't have enough faith in you.  I was ready to let them mercy kill you, just because I thought you'd be of more use as a martyr than as an insane, raving madman.  And I guess I'm gonna pay the price for it, aren't I?  Nobody's going to trust me now.  It'd be nice if you did.  I'm not sure you should, though.  Like I said, trust isn't something you want to have too much of when you're being followed by the Slender Man.

Two people.  Two people were willing to sacrifice him, either to ease his pain or to allow him to see our comments.  A's been forgiven.  I personally don't trust her.  After all, the last blogger I knew called "A" gave The Lexiconal quite a few problems.  This evidently isn't the same A, though.  Evidently.  But anyway, A's been forgiven.  Me?  Heh.  Not so much.  I doubted, and I'm probably gonna pay the price for it.  Who's gonna forgive me?  Maybe everyone.  Maybe no one.  But now I've gotta find a way to atone.

I think I'll do that by continuing to do what I'm doing.  Giving people advice on how to get by.  It's going to be harder now, considering that you're not going to trust my advice.  You should, though.  I'm not planting any bad information.  At least, not intentionally.  But hey, you have no way of knowing how truthful I am.

So, who am I?  Am I Jekyll, admitting that you can't trust me because you don't know when I might become Hyde?  Or am I already the wily Hyde, using my honesty to trick you into thinking I'm Jekyll?

Well, let's be honest.  No matter which answer I give you, you're not going to completely trust it.  If I say I'm Jekyll, you'll think I'm Hyde lying to you.  If I say I'm Hyde, I'd have no reason to lie.  Neither answer is going to make you trust me.  So I guess you'll just have to decide for yourself, won't you?

So I leave you with two questions.  First of all, am I a Jekyll, or am I a Hyde?  And just as I forgiven?


  1. I forgive you. Hell, I was gonna give up on Rob too. every hero has flaws.

    Hell, your namesake, Jekyll was human. He had a lot of flaws, weaknesses too.

  2. I forgive you. I was thinking about saying to let him go to. I just didn't step up to the plate and do it.

    Sorry this is the first time I've commented, I just thought the support might help here.

    You still seem like Jekyll to me.

  3. I understand. I don't hate you. But forgiveness? No, not yet. I'm not ready. You can't forgive someone who plans to make you a martyr. No matter what the reasons. Maybe someday later, when this is over.

    However, if you want to make a START of forgiveness, cut this stupid navel gazing 'Am I Jekyll or Hyde?' crap and start helping! There's a little girl out there, not to mention countless others, and being introspective isn't going to save any of them!

  4. I help in my own way, Robert. I can't actually physically help anyone, and I'm not about to trust them enough to. We've all been unstable at one point or another. I'll help by continuing to do what I've been doing: putting up a survival guide.

    And I totally get the lack of forgiveness thing. And hey, as long as I'm not completely hated, that's enough for me.