Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, also?

Forgot to add something in that last post: don't trust anybodyAt all.  I thought this needed to be brought up, considering that Ava (from The London Librarian) was attacked by a ten-year-old proxy.  If anything, that's proof that you cannot get close to anyone.  Anyone.  Old ladies, little kids, friends you've known for years...even your own family.  No matter how long you've known them, you can't fully trust them anymore.  I'll admit that I don't fully trust any of you.  Hell, we're all so deeply entrenched in this that I trust you guys the least.  Ava started off her entire blog by lying to us.  Many bloggers have completely lost their marble hornets and gone crazy.  Sometimes, we find that the blogger isn't even writing the blog for the majority of the story.  Hell, there are even rumors flying around now that the reason we haven't seen Amelia for so long is because zero killed her.  I've seen his photobucket account, and those rumors aren't really that hard to believe.  So forgive me for trusting you guys least of all.

I'm sorry if this sounds overly paranoid, but paranoia is what keeps me alive.  If you're upset that I can't trust you, that's fine.  I can totally understand that.  But it still won't make me trust you.  I won't be offended if you don't trust me.


  1. Frankly, I trust none of you. My trust is getting eroded day by day.

    Recent events and realizations (Zero, the last 48 hours, Ava, the insanity some bloggers seem to cling to) have shown me how easy it is for a blogger to flake out.

  2. Your situation is a little different, though, Slice. Plasterface doesn't seem to be related to the Slender Man. He works a bit differently. I personally wouldn't trust any of us bloggers either, but you need to find someone in real life or otherwise that you DO trust. Because, and no offense here, I don't think you can trust yourself. And when you can't put your faith in yourself, you're going to NEED someone else in order to stay sane.

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