Friday, April 15, 2011

Rain on Your Wedding Day


I believe that this is called “dramatic irony.”

I’m sure you all saw it coming from the very first post.  “Oh, a character named Jekyll,” you said.  “I wonder if there will be a Jekyll and Hyde sort of thing at all.”  This surprised none of you.

And yet, it caught me completely off guard.  I never expected this split persona to emerge.  You would think that I would have at least had an idea.  Just like in the novel from which I take my pseudonym, Hyde has emerged and taken over.

But at least time, the triumphant half is the right one.

I have finally come to realize that the Jekyll persona was a fool, and have abandoned it.  Jekyll tried too hard.  He was an idealist who thought he could save everyone around him.  While that certainly is admirable, it is also futile.  It brought him only pain, and consequently, brought Me pain.  He was also overly aggressive and spiteful.  You saw how he treated all of you when you were simply trying to help.  He was also self-centered, vain, and shallow-minded.  He thought himself the rightful persona, attempting to control Me exclusively, refusing to let the persona drop even when he could otherwise forget about the Tall One.  He jeopardized himself, just because he was selfish and paranoid.

So Jekyll exists no longer.  There is only Hyde.

He is standing outside.  I can feel Him.  I can see Him.  No one else can.  But I know He’s there.  He has His arms stretched out, in an imitation of an embrace.  You may not agree with me at all, but I know that He means me no harm.  I can feel His thoughts.  He wants me to come with Him.  And, as much as you may protest, I am going to leave with Him.  He means me no harm.  He only means harm to those who mean harm to Him.  And now, I have the opportunity to constantly be near this mysterious being.  To learn more about It.  What is It?  Is It a monster?  A deity?  An alien?  Who can say.  But perhaps I will finally find out.

I will admit that I’m terrified.  But not of Him.  I simply find it difficult to take a step into the unknown.  I am leaving everything behind.  Naturally, some hesitation comes with that.  But it is better this way.  If He is malicious, it draws him away from where I am.  No more casualties.  They may link it to Girl’s death, but that’s as far as their knowledge will go.  They will remain blind.  And if He is not malicious…well, then I have nothing to fear.  Things will work out for the better.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go.  There is a certain Dapper Businessman waiting for me, and you all know how rude it is to keep someone waiting.

Most Sincerely,



  1. That sounds good, you know, wandering off to join an evil psychopathic monster. That'll go well. I mean, it worked for the Russians in WWII, right? And Julius Caesar has a wonderful time with Brutus, right up to the point he got stabbed.

    Seriously dude, this sounds like a wonderful idea. You're not going to be picking leaves out of your organs any time soon.